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Our specialization

For 11 years, as a leading distributor of plexiglass and polycarbonate boards, we have been implementing plastic-related projects for many industries.

We support companies in various segments:

  • automation
  • sanitary
  • aviation
  • automotive
  • pharmaceutical
  • food
  • etc.

We carry out component production orders as well as individual, technologically advanced projects.

Płyty z plexiglassu

  • bezbarwne wylewane
  • kolorowe (30 odcieni)
  • Płyty poliwęglanowe
  • grubość: od 1,5 aż do 300 mm

Płyty poliwęglanowe

  • lite bezbarwne
  • mleczne
  • przyciemniane (brąz i grafit)
  • komorowe


  • płyty HPL (laminat celulozowy, nasycony żywicą syntetyczną)
  • tworzywa techniczne: PE, PA, PUR,PTFE, POM –C
  • profile aluminiowe z wyposażeniem
Specialised coated plastic


poliwęglan z powłoką o podwyższonej odporności na środki chemiczne oraz zarysowania


Modern machine and technology pool

  • CNC router with a working area of 2100 x 3100 mm, 2D.
  • CNC router with a working area of 2100 mm x 3100 mm, 3D, with a rotary head in the “Z” axis.
  • Large-size saws with a dimension of 2200 x 6000 mm, with a cutting accuracy of +/- 1 mm.
  • Diamond machine for polishing board edges and plexiglass blocks.
  • Thermal bending machine for plastics.
  • Light machines: handheld milling machines, mast drilling machines and other devices

All finished and semi-finished products undergo thorough quality control and their parts are labeled.

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